Ice day so I get to play...and some JenniB CHA 2011 sneaks

By kate blue - Tuesday, January 18, 2011

with paper and glue that everybody's taken care of and dinner's done since we had an ICE day today, thank goodness it's pretty much melted now...gotta coupla things going on right now but can't share so I'll just say you gotta check back later in the week for some creations and some news!  BUT, I can share more sneak peeks of awesomeness ( I shoulda picked that as my 2011 word-is it a real word???)  that I will truly NEED when it comes up....first up, the fabulous Ms. Jenni Bowlin...two words HOT D@MN...The collection is called BE OUR GUEST and I'm not loving all the papers (JMO) since I don't do silhouettes, but the rest of it is divine!  Here's some sneaks and you gotta hop over to JBS for more!!

def need these for my President Obama book that is still waiting to be created...maybe this will be my push to get it done !

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