am not sure if it's Terrific Tuesday BUT...

By kate blue - Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the day is still early....What a week it's been though!  We East Coasters had an earthquake and a hurricane come through all in one week!  We suffered not a bit-power stayed on here in Elkridge but everywhere all around had outtages, no property damage...just blessed on that front...Schools were delayed for a day and I must be one of the only parents I know who was SOOOO ready for their kids to get back in school....Sports had started and who says twice a day practices were any fun for us taxi drivers???  But it's all good in the neighborhood- our FIRST day of school is TODAY (SAYING  HALL-LE-YOU-YER in my MADEA voice) and despite Thing 1 missing the bus, (YES-she got up 1.5 hours before school and still managed that- AND Thing 3 was in Virginia and I had no car-trust and believe, there will be a punishment of some form this evening since she won't listen to me about "timing")...she's lucky that we have the most awesome neighbors....REALLY LUCKY... Now Thing 2? He's been ready since 7 am and he doesn't have to leave until 8:15 !! 

and since these are such awful pictures and nobody wants to cooperate, last years I started doing a "LAST DAY OF SCHOOL" photo shoot rather than a FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL  photo shoot much easier and less pressure :) *** Let's hope the day progresses in a more positive fashion after this :)

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  1. I'm so glad you weathered the storm. I mean how crazy is an earthquake and a hurricane in one week?!


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