November already??and a re-draw

By kate blue - Tuesday, November 01, 2011

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well, I never heard from the ORIGINAL winner of the SOC blog hop so, all the names go back in the drawing.... 2nd chance winner is..... NatG !   PM me your snail mail addy girl!  Now I'm really wondering if people follow blogs in general cause they are interested in the blogs content or if they are "candy snatchers"...things that make you go hmmmmm......  Since my blog time is limited, if I follow your blog, it's because some project(s) or words caught my eye; it means I'm inspired by something on it otherwise I don't bother following-I visit, but don't follow....this time I will  NOT award the previous winner with a prize like I did last month; it's not fair to the loyal followers.

But on that note, it's November and that means that I'm thinking of doing a Christmas giveaway before the end of the month so you can have an RAK before Christmas....but it's gonna be given to a random follower...I'm thinking something like an Oprah "My FavoriteThings" custom kit full of things centered around my favorite Christmas decoration (try to guess what it is) ....stay tuned and have a TERRIFIC Tuesday !!!

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  1. Kat, I sent you my email with my address. Just making sure you got it.


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