January 13, 2012

more CHA 2012-Making Memories!

and the reason I love this one so much even though it's SOOOO against my style is because I finally see some adorable little children of color!! Are these totally adorable or WHAT???   :)

I always complain about images like these because I never see images that looked like my kids...they both are lite brown with brown hair and so the whimsy papers never fit them BUT I can see these making a debut here for sure :):)
hop over to  the Making Memories blog to read all about the designer of this super cute collection!


Stacy H-W said...

Super cute. I know what you mean about not people of color!! sucks!!

Canvas Print said...

so cute!great idea nice colors use in background.

Angi said...

Thanks for the info. I had not heard about this yet. Must get some of these yummies. :)

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