Super Saturday!

By kate blue - Saturday, July 12, 2014

had a birthday dinner with the family yesterday..tried a new Mexican restaurant and it was good-I still have yet to find a fantastic Mexican restaurant in the state of Maryland! Being part Latina, I am kinda picky about my salsa and guacamole :):)  
I'm still getting in the pictures...although I really really hate when people offer to take group pictures when they are not photographers; they usually come out awful...see below...and now you  know why I am the Queen of Selfies!"  Hostess took this in the restaurant :):)  (unedited-smh) -and yes, I am really tan this summer :):):):)
and then some selfies : :):):):)


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  1. Great pictures though!

  2. Lovely family! I hear you about being the queen of selfies. I would not be in photos with my kids and hubby if I didn't take them. :)


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