Super Saturday week catch up!

By kate blue - Saturday, July 18, 2015

I know I know, my blog's been dusty and neglected this month... I thought that with the boy in camp, I'd have more time to craft but instead, I'm busier than ever!  Went down to VA and spent some time with the dad celebrating my (our) birthday -my 50TH!!!!  Nothing like homemade lemon coconut cake baked by my big sis Lynne (Mizz. Martha Stewart), happy hours, Hanover tomatoes and crabs !   Squeezed in dinner and cupcakes with the bff2 and since we skipped the 4th, had some sparkler time with the kiddos....add in work and other stuff and it's been one busy July!

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday again to my twin sister Karla!!! (I know, I was really chilling last weekend; it was sooooo hot down there, all I did was sweat!)
I have some time today before another birthday celebration (you only turn 50 once!) so I am gonna dig into my CKCB kit and make some stuff!   See ya tomorrow!!

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