August 7, 2015

It's reveal day at Challenge YOUrself! and a bday recap(long)

TGIF! We have a new challenge for you!  CY #21:  Keep Calm and___________.
You fill in the blank and don't forget that YOU should be in the picture(s)!!

I didn't blog about it yet, but last month was my birthday and I turned the BIG 5-0...and somehow, someway, my bff, her husband, my husband and my sisters managed to throw down and have the ultimate SURPRISE party for me!  I can't even begin to explain how surprised I was since I am such a control freak....but here's some of the pictures that the Marvel(ous) photographer captured :):)

on that note, it was my night to SPARKLE and when I saw the KEEP CALM and SHINE ON by Suzy Cummard.  I saw it on Pinterest and you can download it from her blog :)


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday!! LOVE the pics and that cool FB photo prop!! Neat idea. Wishing you a year filled of love, health and happiness. ANd I LOVE the challenge too!! Your page is perfect!! xo

Renée Norrils said...

Happy 5-0 Birthday Kate!! I looks like a great party was thrown for you - glad you had a wonderfully blessed day. BTW the colors of your dress are BEAUTIFUL!!

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