Terrific Tuesday!

By kate blue - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

not cause it's Valentines Day ( I think people should appreciate their loved ones all year round instead of on ONE measly day) so all the Valentines Day stuff goes past me unappreciated, overpriced and overrated...that being said, it's a regular old day for me and still terrific cause even though I didn't put a February CounterfeitKit together, I'm still scrapping just for myself.

I've been kinda busy since there's been some ongoing things with my Thing 2 and I only made 3 layouts with my January kit (BOO!)  so, since I wasn't really inspired by their Feb kit, I decided to skip it...instead, I dug down into my Paper Issues stash and combined it with stuff that was either laying around in a bag OR was unused laying around in an old kit...VOILA!  Layouts!

hidden journaling on back-my kids now know to look at the back of my layouts:) Disguises my crazy handwriting :)
 For this one, I was browsing Facebook and saw that Crate Paper had posted a watercolor background inspired layout done by Kim on the Maggie Holmes blog and I'll admit, I was drawn to the handcut flowers more than the watercolor background...so I made my own for my layout.
Kim over at Maggie Holmes' blog using watercolor background:
Just took a sharpie and a piece of paper and drew a weird leafy/flower thingee and cut it out :) Inspiration is everywhere!

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