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By kate blue - Monday, November 12, 2018

I feel soooo bad...I am so on the fence about blogging...I know folks are on Instagram and Facebook and do all these video tutorials on You Tube (something I just cannot do; it's too much work and I'm seriously sooo lazy) and so I feel like a dinosaur who still loves going to peoples blogs!  I used to dang near blog every day and then I get back in town this week with all intentions of catching up the blog and have been SICK!!  with laryngitis SICK!  I crawled outta by bed today because my house was speaking to me-it was saying that it needed some attention in the form of I cleaned for an hour, loaded some laundry and now I'm down in the office to clean this mess!

But anyway, to  catch you up on the crafty side of things, I'm not sure that I've even been productive or crafty in the 6 mojo has been sick too :(  but, I'll post a few things that I've worked on!


and 2.  MIXED MEDIA:
A few weeks ago, Tamara LaPorte from Willowing graciously setup a 2 week FREE online course featuring free mixed media/art classes from some serious talent like Effy Wild, Jane Davenport, Nanda Bourkes, Donna Downey, and so many I had never heard of so I jumped in and was so inspired!

This was just one of the many classes taught-this one was taught by Melanie Rivers and it was a serious challenge but it worked for me...all in the quest to create art everyday...or at least try to when you have time!

I didn't think I'd enjoy mixed media as much as I did-even though I have tons of mixed media supplies lol...It was stress relieving and creative and enlightening-Here's some other projects (my interpretations since they were all self interpretation) from other artists- I didn't get to finish the courses but took notes for the future...and if you are interested in seeing some of the featured artists and taking some absolutely fabulous classes, the Life Book 2019 registration is open and discounted till the end of December  (it's on my list from Santa so I'll be taking it :))

So thanks for letting me recap some-come back tomorrow for my December Diary (not a Daily for me, ya'll know I can't commit!)

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