Paper bag love....Krafty bags in time for the holidays!

By kate blue - Monday, December 19, 2011

last week, I was over at the fabulous Janna's blog and she had created some totally awesome "gift bags" using paper bags from a video tutorial (link below)  and so I decided to try my hand at them too to use up my  stash.  Mine aren't as bright as Janna's because I was gifting them to a friend so she could use them herself and I know she isn't as flashy as I am.  Plus, this was my first batch so...learning curve ya know?!!

this personal one held a card for K since her hubby has been sick

this one she is going to use as a gift card holder

this one's gonna hold hot cocoa packs and maybe  candy !

now that I look at them, they need more BOLDer stitching. better stitching  and more next batch will have MORE  for sure:)  I  viewed the  Krafty bags VIDEO TUTORIAL by Roben {HERE}.  I always have different color/size paper bags in my scrap closet since Thing 1 carries lunch everyday.  My local Target has red, white, blue and brown paper bags (brown ones come in 2 sizes) so you may wanna check them out first -they were where the cleaning supplies like laundry detergent and stuff were can also find plain paper bags at the Dollar Store or around-50 bags cost like $ 1.50- $ 2....these are awesome small gift /giftcard holders and if you don't have a sewing machine, you can still alter them with stamps and embellishments!   Cost way less than gift bags,especially if you are using ribbon and fabric scraps  :)

If you try them, don't forget to leave Roben some love for linking the video and to let her know how much you loved this project! And send me a link so I can see them too!

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