January 17, 2019

Set your calendars!!!

SAVE THE DATE!!   Join some of the WHOGIVESASCRAP?! Facebook group members for our first group blog hop featuring our 2019 ONE LITTLE WORDS!  We'll be hopping on Saturday, January 19, 2019 to showcase some awesome OL words AND some small RAKs (You'll like mine!)  along the way!  We'll be starting with Connie over at https://conniecancrop.blogspot.com but if you forget and start here, I'll remind you!!

If you aren't part of the WHOGIVESASCRAP?! group on Facebook, you should be!  Ask me for an invite as you hop; we'd love for you to join us on Facebook for regular crafting and chatting after the hop!

January 12, 2019

Counterfeit layouts!

I'm deliberately squeezing in craft time this week so I can use my Counterfeit Kit!

I have scrapped other layouts but not with my CKCB kit but I'm going back to it tonight since it's started to snow!!

Save the date for a blog hop!

Some of the ladies in the Who Gives AScrap facebook group thought we'd get together and revive blogging! What better way to start than with a blog hop showcasing our One Little Word for 2019?
Hope you'll save the date and join us for an explanation and some crafty inspiration!

January 5, 2019

Back in the saddle with my Counterfeit Kit

I skipped Counterfeiting in November and December due to illness but I'MMMM BAAACCCKK!   This month's Counterfeit Kit Challenge team choice is very different in a good way...they counterfeited Felicity Janes' HANNAH kit:

A contemporary vibe with great patterns but a somewhat muted color palette. Since I knew I probably had NO MUTED TONES in my stash,  I primarily focused on PATTERNS-Florals, dots, lines and stripes.  EMBELLISHMENTS:   journal tags and,washi tape,  the tulle bows (I smell a forge here), and the hearts are doing it for me.  COLOR PALETTE:  You have to remember that when counterfeiting, if a color doesn't work for you , you don't have to use it!  Everyone knows I'm not rreeallly into pink papers so I'm not really incorporating it into my kit that much...I'm working more with the blue tones, black & white and florals.  Mixed collections everywhere including some hybrid stuff I had from Pink Paislee over at the Lily Pad plus I used a lot of Teresa Collins Studio Gold collection and Maggie Holmes Bloom stash for the win! 

I then added my own rogue paper ad-on and then my own embellishment kits that had slight inspirational nods to the Hannah kit.  This was definitely a tough counterfeit!  


Thanks for popping by!  Hope to find that tulle so I can make those bows tomorrow and hope to have some layouts done by tomorrow night!

December 25, 2018

December 13, 2018

December daily ...

Some people in one of my many Facebook groups were wondering what a December Daily is. The only way I could explain it was again, referring them to Ali Edwards (yes for both OLW and Dec Daily) and by showing examples...

Since I'm pressed for time tonight, here's some from my 2018 Dec Diary -remember I can't do it daily cause I'm way too boring and wayyyy to lazy lol!

December 12, 2018

Wordy Wednesday!

It's December and I'm behind on blogging about what my One Little Word (OLW) for 2019 will be...I'll admit it, I didn't have a OLW in 2017 or 2018 because I had some life challenges that caused me to forget BUT, I'm back on track and have time so here we go!

I'm still throwing some words around and for those of you who don't know what the One Little Word project/challenge is, it's an idea/concept/life thing created by Ali Edwards (below).

Ae olw2016 jan closeup900 original

 You can read all  about it HERE but basically, you chose a word for the upcoming year that you will focus on in your art, scrapbooking, journaling, meditations, etc...a word that will help you grow, change or just work toward your goal of being better in some way.  It's up to you as to how you incorporate it into your life and art, there's no right or wrong  way to do it.   Previous words that I've chosen are IDENTITY, CLARITY, JOYFUL AND REFRESH.

So far, my wordy list has about 8 choices and as I keep pondering for the right one to jump out and speak to me, I'll mention that I am in a FACEBOOK group called Who Gives a Scrap and in late January, we'll be doing a blog hop featuring our OLWs.  Hope you'll join us for some inspiring words and crafty projects; I'll be sure to remind you about it every week!  If you want to join the group on Facebook, let me know and I'll send you an invite!

If any of you are participating in OLW and already have your word chosen, please share!!

December 11, 2018

December tag swap reveal

I was in a December tag swap and although no one's posted that they got theirs yet, it's like whatever...it's for a Facebook group...

I did maybe 8-9 tags but forgot to take pictures after the first 3!  I had already gotten to the post office when I remembered and since I was late mailing them, I just went ahead and let them go...used all vintage stash that I've hoarded in my Christmas boxes~ yay me for using stash! #nobuy

back to blogging!

December...almost Christmas...I was sidelined by a virus for about a month so you woulda thought that I would've had time to post on the blog right??  Sorry! I hardly got any crafting done with the exception of some tags for a swap...

So, I'm behind on so much but the first thing I'll catch you up on is my layouts that I did while at some crops lately...I'm in a NO BUY challenge with the bff2 CK for January but I went ahead and am doing mine for BOTH December and January!!  If you saw my studio you would understand!

As you can probably see, I am determined to break a serious dent in my Maggie Holmes stash!  I an never get enough of it!  So, come see me tomorrow for more layouts and an update of my December Diary since I'm pretty caught up on that (I'll put out the disclaimer that it's extremely boring though)!!

November 15, 2018

My 2017 December Daily diary

As I said yesterday, my 2017 December Daily (DD) is not complete because I got lazy...but some folks have asked what mine looked like so here are a few pages....  I think it's safe to say mine is like a December junk journal since I'm not worried about theme or symmetry or anything like that.  I just wanted to use some of the HUGE Christmas stash I got going on in here!

Here ya go!  I'm still upset that my UGLY sweater page is blank...we all made our ugly Christmas shirts at Thanksgiving with the intention of wearing them out and taking photos...Guess what happened??  The boy child and I both got really sick, sidelined in bed and we never made it out.  So, that means we'll get to recycle them into 2018 !!!

December Daily inspiration

As started by Ali Edwards maybe 9 years ago (don't quote me exactly) -the December Daily® (DD) is a December mini-album project that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas-holiday events and non holiday events. The simple goal is to capture your spirit of December via one story per day.  I (along with many many others) personally do a modification, kinda like a December Diary because, for a variety of reasons,  we cannot commit to a daily journal .

 Let's show some inspiration from across the web.  First up: the originator, ALI  EDWARDS
You can follow long like Ali's style using her foundation and digital creations like this:
Another style of DD that I love comes from Layle Koncar...unfortunately her kit is sold out but I like her style and what she does with her December Daily.

2018 Document Your December Sneak Peekfinal

Last year, she showed some DD in a traveler's style notebook/planner-great idea!
Carpe Diem Planner by Layle Koncar for Simple Stories

And  then here are various artists inspiration that can be found on my Pinterest December Daily board...click on photo to be  taken to their website for more.



Of course, depending on your personal artsy/scrappy style, there are no right or wrong ways to document YOUR December.  I just thought I'd show different kinds of  inspiration since you have time in November to gather your supplies to create yours for 2018.  I always get asked to show mine and I'll be showing my first one EVER that I created last year plus peeks at my 2018 DD on the blog tomorrow.

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