November 15, 2018

My 2017 December Daily diary

As I said yesterday, my 2017 December Daily (DD) is not complete because I got lazy...but some folks have asked what mine looked like so here are a few pages....  I think it's safe to say mine is like a December junk journal since I'm not worried about theme or symmetry or anything like that.  I just wanted to use some of the HUGE Christmas stash I got going on in here!

Here ya go!  I'm still upset that my UGLY sweater page is blank...we all made our ugly Christmas shirts at Thanksgiving with the intention of wearing them out and taking photos...Guess what happened??  The boy child and I both got really sick, sidelined in bed and we never made it out.  So, that means we'll get to recycle them into 2018 !!!

December Daily inspiration

As started by Ali Edwards maybe 9 years ago (don't quote me exactly) -the December Daily® (DD) is a December mini-album project that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas-holiday events and non holiday events. The simple goal is to capture your spirit of December via one story per day.  I (along with many many others) personally do a modification, kinda like a December Diary because, for a variety of reasons,  we cannot commit to a daily journal .

 Let's show some inspiration from across the web.  First up: the originator, ALI  EDWARDS
You can follow long like Ali's style using her foundation and digital creations like this:
Another style of DD that I love comes from Layle Koncar...unfortunately her kit is sold out but I like her style and what she does with her December Daily.

2018 Document Your December Sneak Peekfinal

Last year, she showed some DD in a traveler's style notebook/planner-great idea!
Carpe Diem Planner by Layle Koncar for Simple Stories

And  then here are various artists inspiration that can be found on my Pinterest December Daily on photo to be  taken to their website for more.


Of course, depending on your personal artsy/scrappy style, there are no right or wrong ways to document YOUR December.  I just thought I'd show different kinds of  inspiration since you have time in November to gather your supplies to create yours for 2018.  I always get asked to show mine and I'll be showing my first one EVER that I created last year plus peeks at my 2018 DD on the blog tomorrow.

November 13, 2018

December Daily 2018

My December Diary from 2017 is probably about 80% complete which is good for me since it was my 1st time doing one! I'll finish it hopefully over the Thanksgiving break and post it.

 I went to the bffs and didn't want to carry a bunch of stuff so I trolled around all the Christmas stash I have and used it for my December Diary for 2018.  I say "Diary" because I can't do anything "Daily, especially in December for a few reasons...primary one is that I HATE to drive and so it's a big deal for me to plan a buncha stuff when all the crowds and roads are hassles and I mentally can't handle all the foolishness that people do once the Christmas season starts.  But I am on a mission to fill it!!

With that being said, since I was on a promise to stash bust, I used a mish mosh of stuff from my 2 Christmas bins, added in some digi stuff from maybe The Lily Pad and just did what made me happy.  Here's a few of the pages!!

Added the black envelope from some recyclable mail in there, the red felt is actually very stiff and is a LONG vertical pocket

Added some unused gift tags in the book too

ps-this years book is a SMASH book that I painted in some places or recovered...I had way too may of those sitting around also begging to be used!!!

November 12, 2018

OMG-my poor blog!

I feel soooo bad...I am so on the fence about blogging...I know folks are on Instagram and Facebook and do all these video tutorials on You Tube (something I just cannot do; it's too much work and I'm seriously sooo lazy) and so I feel like a dinosaur who still loves going to peoples blogs!  I used to dang near blog every day and then I get back in town this week with all intentions of catching up the blog and have been SICK!!  with laryngitis SICK!  I crawled outta by bed today because my house was speaking to me-it was saying that it needed some attention in the form of I cleaned for an hour, loaded some laundry and now I'm down in the office to clean this mess!

But anyway, to  catch you up on the crafty side of things, I'm not sure that I've even been productive or crafty in the 6 mojo has been sick too :(  but, I'll post a few things that I've worked on!


and 2.  MIXED MEDIA:
A few weeks ago, Tamara LaPorte from Willowing graciously setup a 2 week FREE online course featuring free mixed media/art classes from some serious talent like Effy Wild, Jane Davenport, Nanda Bourkes, Donna Downey, and so many I had never heard of so I jumped in and was so inspired!

This was just one of the many classes taught-this one was taught by Melanie Rivers and it was a serious challenge but it worked for me...all in the quest to create art everyday...or at least try to when you have time!

I didn't think I'd enjoy mixed media as much as I did-even though I have tons of mixed media supplies lol...It was stress relieving and creative and enlightening-Here's some other projects (my interpretations since they were all self interpretation) from other artists- I didn't get to finish the courses but took notes for the future...and if you are interested in seeing some of the featured artists and taking some absolutely fabulous classes, the Life Book 2019 registration is open and discounted till the end of December  (it's on my list from Santa so I'll be taking it :))

So thanks for letting me recap some-come back tomorrow for my December Diary (not a Daily for me, ya'll know I can't commit!)

September 21, 2018

CKCB layouts

Layouts 3 and 4... I'm using my kit slowly but surely!  Will have time to scrap this weekend since Thing 2 is sick!

Will be back tomorrow!! Have a great weekend!!

September 17, 2018

September layouts with CKCB

I know it's mid September, but time always gets away from me...some days I can craft, sometimes it's weeks in between...

So I FINALLY dug into my Counterfeit Kit Challenge (CKCB) kit and knocked out my first two layouts!  Working on more this week :)

September CKCB-how'd I forget ??

How'd I forget to post my kit???

This month, the Counterfeit divas chose the Apple Crisp Classic Kit by Noel Mignon to counterfeit.  If you don't know what the Counterfeit Kit Challenge group does, hop over to their blog and check it out!  If you are a fan of using your stash regularly (or are on a NO SPEND promise-is that even a thing LOL  jkjk??) then this site is for you!  I try to use it each month!

So anyway, the inspiration kit:

I spied teals, oranges, browns, yellow, red....
I spied letters, alphas, animals and fall
I spied crystals, washi, trims, alpha stickers, inks

So, I cheated a bit and grabbed some stuff leftover from my August kit and then proceeded to make my own kit.  FIRST:  PAPERS

NEXT:  EMBELLISHMENTS INSPIRED BY THE KIT:  Autumn, animals, digi prints for fall, Simple Stories paper :)  and Mr. Fox carryover from my August kit :)
and then, just because I ALWAYS  do it, an add-on that may/may not have anything to do with the inspiration kit ….all just to inspire me and use stash...GOTTA HAVE ONE ROGUE in the group right??? I added in some Victoria Thatcher printables in for the first time! Her variety is simply awesome-I've never come across any Autism printable products before so I am soooo glad she had some-they actually are in done in color but I was working on some admin documents and had my default on black/white so I just kept them the way they printed...happy accident!
so there ya have it!  My Ginormous September Counterfeit kit...layouts tomorrow!

September 16, 2018

Layouts layouts layouts!

loving all the Maggie Holmes Willow Lane collection...I take that back, I love all things Maggie Holmes and again, another quest to get it all used up instead of hoarding it!  I have to combine them for some reason though...

don't talk about me-I had those word definition stickers from Memory Makers since maybe 2009???

layouts and more layouts

I'm in a race with myself to create more and use stash but so far it feels like I'm still losing to the stuff!  Due to some unseen circumstances in my favor, I was able to run away for the weekend with some gal pals and crop the whole weekend away!  YIPEE!

I simply took what was already in my scrap bags so I'd be forced to use my stash and I simply scrapped for myself....didn't get much done (13 layouts) but I had a great time! It had been way too long that I had gone to a crop :)

August 15, 2018

What's up Wednesday

Last Monday , I was in a facebook group that asked to post your scrap space...I went down there and took a picture and it was not pretty!  True mess, I kid you not.  So my MOTIVATION this week was to use up  some supplies so it wouldn't stay like THIS!
SO, layouts made with my ginormous August Counterfeit Kit and maybe some extras!

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