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By kate blue - Monday, March 03, 2014

THIS is our view yet AGAIN for 2014.... last year, my area got an average of 9"-12" of snow for the season.  This year, so far, Elkridge has had at least 30+" and the kids are off again  :(:(  I put the boy outside to get some OT for the day....
so, since all homework is done, crockpot went on early, I decided to REALLY take a full day off and do NOTHING (when I mean nothing, I mean I play for most of the day and I do not get dressed-I did take a shower though!!) ....hubby is traveling this week so I don't have to do any wifey chores, no housework, no shoveling (I ain't going nowhere) and am gonna dump all plastic crafty containers and make some CKCB (Counterfeit) kits:  So, this is gonna disappear in about an hour and I will have some awesome kits!

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