Big Thanks to all our Tigerthon supporters!

By kate blue - Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thanks to Reginald, Christine, Evie E, Keandra, Melissa, Essandra, Joy, Ella  and Big LD for supporting Thing 2 at the Tigerthon @ Towson University-all for a good cause of raising
$ for the Hopkins Childrens Center...we had a great time even though Brandon spent almost the whole time running around...he did dance with the girls for a coupla songs though...we left the party after 12:15 am so we could get Casey home at a reasonable time...I was tired though, can't hang at all and  I knew I had people coming over today so.. I dragged my butt outta bed when Ella came by so...haven't edited my pics (what few I took) but still, here's a few from last night.  Again....thank you!!!

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