December 13, 2010

Go-Green project of the day**

I saw this project on the Martha Stewart show last week and thought...easy X-Mas decor and on the cheap!  We all know we get tons of these in the mail during holidays:

 Well, rather than throw them in the recycle bin straight away, why not use them as Christmas decor?  Magazine Christmas trees are super easy and you probably have all the supplies already in your craft stash!  You could use large magazines or smaller mags like Readers Digest {I used my Pier 1 Christmas catalog-see close up) to make this (I'm still making about 3 more so it looks like a forest:              

mine  :0  he looks lonely :)
mine just has touch of glitter on ends
If you spray paint them silver & gold

All you need are magazines, glue and glitter, or as in my case, I cheated and used glitter glue from the $ 1 store and then added some Martha Stewart glitter on top of it!  Martha preferred to use adhesive spray, then glitter and she used a bone folder to crease the pages but you don't have to-all personal preference.  IF you want all your trees to look the same, you could spray paint them any color you want (see above) but I wanted the quick satisfaction of it all.  Instructions on one of my Pages tab at sidebar if you want to try them yourself. :)  Happy Crafting!


Cassie said...

LOVE this!!!
What a fabulous project! I love the glitter touch too!!

Shelley said...

Thanks for the instructions, bet my grandkids will enjoy making these with me.

kim c said...

Love it! That tiny touch of glitter is just right.

Five Towns Air Conditioning & Vent Cleaning said...

That is a lovely reusable x,mas project.And it saves cutting down the lovely trees too.there should be more of us using these ideas to celebrate this year.

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