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By kate blue - Friday, December 31, 2010

 no matter how you say's almost 2011...tick tock...only a few hours to go...
just wanted to say a HUGE " thank you" to friends (both real and online) and family for all that they have blessed us with this 2010 year...I was reminded last week by an old friend who lost his mother on Christmas Eve that  we should be thankful for the small things, the tender mercies that God puts in our paths...I am grateful for HIM  giving me love, friendship, fellowship, faith and hope at the moments I most needed them. It's all about the small things and We are so blessed...thank you so much for giving my little blog so much love and encouragement and I look forward to you all continuing to share your passions and creativity with me even more in the new year;
And while life isn't all awesome, all the time, I simply focused on the positives **smiles, hugs, dances, promises, laughs, conversations, messages, emails, prayers and even tears {of joy} that we've had this year.  I do this so I can try to go into the new year with a positive and an attitude of gratitude!

Thing 2 so graciously allowed me to make her up {in another life I wanted to be a makeup artist LOL} and do a photo shoot for mommy's bloggeddy blog - after all, what is a post without a whole lotta pictures ????? Happy celebrating,  BE SAFE-and most importantly: have a designated driver!!...

Here's hoping that 2011 will bring you & yours:


HAPPY NEW YEAR !!    ENJOY !!!!       

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  1. Thanks and right back at cha!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM EST

    coolness!! :)) Love this idea too.. :))And your daughter is one beautiful girl. :))

  3. Thanks heaps for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

    Your daughter is beautiful - I wish I had hair like that too..

    Happy New Year :-)


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