Lazy Sunday

By kate blue - Sunday, December 26, 2010

hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and celebrated in a safe, fun fashion and didn't overindulge too much...we chilled out at home all day and got our Ralphie fix on....Ever since TBS started airing 24 hours of the film beginning Christmas Eve through Christmas Day, it's become a tradition in our house to keep one tv on tuned in to Ralphie's X-mas-related trials and tribulations for hours upon hours on end... and yes, you can get your tongue frozen to the flagpole!

"Your tongue is covered with moisture, which begins to freeze if its temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Your body counteracts the freezing by pumping warm blood to your tongue.
As your tongue touches the flagpole, the moisture on your tongue is robbed of heat. The temperature of the moisture drops. Water freezes inside tiny pores and surface irregularities on your tongue and the pole. You're stuck."  Or as in Flick's case, "Stuck, Shtuck, Shtuck!!!!"

**KIDS: don't try this at's no fun!

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