Hobby Lobby fun

By kate blue - Friday, January 14, 2011

Bri needed some stuff for her room, so we wandered off to Hobby Lobby to browse...found these fun utensils and yes, I play with scissors!!!  But just an FYI, they don't allow photography in their stores...I had no idea...see the lady standing behind me?  Oh, she got so mad when she saw us taking the pics; I assured her that we were not competitors trying to steal their ideas; we were just taking pics of ourselves, not their "store"  (yep, this is how I ran to the store-NO MAKEUP-scream now Stacy & Clinton !!)...Needless to say, she was not convinced and was very unhappy with us but what could she do??  She probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't have such a big camera and WE WERE LAUGHING SO HARD...but oh well....we had fun !

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  1. Hilarious! That's weird that they don't allow photos!

  2. You look great even without your makeup.. Crazy store staff, doesn't she know we 'the collective blogoverse' are wanting to see pictures of you hanging out in HL.


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