By kate blue - Tuesday, January 04, 2011

just checking on for a bit, no posts since I'm gonna get christmas stuff put away and organized and today is a MASSIVE cleanup/redecoration of THing 1's messy room-and yes, I shall post pics!  She's had her chance to get it cleaned up and since she moved into the new year with "foolishness," I'm putting on my Niecy Nash flower and I'm GOING IN***Also, am thinking of my 2011 WORD and am also trying to get together my Project 52 book (I can't commit to Project 365) so I can share on a weekly...so, keep checking in with me and I hope to be back up with a video (yep, I'mma try-MAYBE) and some layouts and some other folks who inspire me....so, till Thursday, have a great week!

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