LsOTD-TGIF right???

By kate blue - Friday, January 14, 2011

just some layotus I did for no reason...sometimes you gotta craft just for yourself ! I'll get back to all my DT assignments on Sunday...The first layout of the Cozy Crop House crew has been sitting unfinished in my tote since Oct...I know, right ???!! So, I brushed the cobwebs {lol} off and finally finished the darn all the American Crafts even if it's older product and isn't that cute bingo card from Cheryl so adorable???

and then, for this one, I'm still loving all the Studio Calico  Documentary collection (those fabric-rip things are wayyy cool btw) that Michelle gifted me....I decided to promise myself (and my daughter) that skinny or not, makeup or not (you'll see in the next post what I'm talking about) that I would be in front of the camera more this year...So, here's my first "in the mirror" pic {notice I'm still hiding right??} setting it off for the NEW YEAR:


Fab Friday ya'll-gotta go...gotta lunch, photobooth & movie date with my bff :):):):):):)

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