Snow day!

By kate blue - Thursday, January 27, 2011

well, the kids have been off for 2 snow days...don't think they've gone a whole complete week to school in Jan for different reasons, everybody that knows me knows mama don't do snow...unless I was at a ski resort with some girlfriends, some hot toddies and a raging fire!  So, I stood on the porch in my pjs and boots and snapped the shots I needed :):)  And while that is one of the things I do love about Maryland; we have 4 distinct seasons, but when it snows, I do stay inside~no snow angels for me ! I'm not even sure I know why I don't like snow; my dad didn't make us shovel it when we were younger & when I lived in upstate NY in high school my dad had a snow blower so, I'm's some pics for the fam to enjoy!

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  1. Loving our snow day here in DC too!! Hey I'm from Buffalo..where did you go to HS? I went to Seneca Vocational High School...

  2. From this side of the world, snow seems a fabulous thing but I'm sure I wouldn't be able to stand the cold! :-) have a great day!


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