***Egg on my face

By kate blue - Tuesday, February 01, 2011

OMG!  I am soooo embarrassed!  How can you be part of a blog hop and NOT have your posting posted? ??  I setup the pre-post in blogger and was away last night and all day today; get on the computer 30 min ago and see NADA, NOTHING...NO POST!  WTH???  Who knows what happened, I am at a loss to say- so poor Kimmy was patiently waiting and I feel so bad......the only way to rectify it is to offer a prize right???
Now that all is up and running, read the MEME post below, play along (you only have to answer 3 questions after all @ CSD) and one of my lucky MEME followers will win a fabulous prize of my choice!  Am thinking about what it will be right now, but will post a pic soon.....off you go, to the MEME!!!

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  1. Not your fault - maybe the weather has blogger frozen up like half of the world tight right now.


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