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By kate blue - Sunday, February 06, 2011

Back from the girls weekend away...can't wait till tomorrow to share pics and some other good stuff...but, since I must support my love for football, am off to check the game for a bit....I'm a Ravens fan and refuse to join my family in the wearing of the Steelers gear so, no pics of that...but, I leave you with a picture of a lovely tray (from Michaels) project I created this weekend, courtesy of a class I took with DeniseB.. since I have no patience for measuring, my project looked nothing like the class sample and I only learned 2 of the techniques (I was impatient so I floated down to the wine bar instead), but I loved what I took away from it anyway and so did Brianna !  Very cute project for her room :):)

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  1. Not sure about the football - all I can say having lived in Toronto for 9 years is "GO Leafs GO"!!

    Thanks heaps for becoming my 100th follower - I have been following your blog for a while and it's uber-cool!! U R de QUEEEEN :-o)


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