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By kate blue - Sunday, February 06, 2011

Wow, I've learned some interesting facts about our DT here's more info about me just to answer some inquiring minds :) ***I did update this after reading comments from my military moms :)

what is your favorite or most recent etsy purchase and who are your favorite etsy sellers?
my last Etsy purchase was from SatinandBurch-yup, I bought soap!  Got these ones and they are just for display; too pretty to use
Some of my favorite sellers are: ShoeBoxMemoriesDluxe, Scott over at the PorkChopShow and MoxieGallery (who made me this fabulous bracelet)

Makeup!  I love it, need it, gotta have it!  Wanted to be a makeup artist when I was a kid-never happened...but I could leave my cell phone at home but don't make me leave without my makeup bag!  A girl needs her mascara and lipstick :)

and last,    Who is your celebrity crush and why?  Hmmm...I do love me some Idris Elba just like Myia, but my celebrity crush is actually a girl....not in that kinda way though....hear me out...

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted that BFF that would just have your back (mentally and physically), that you could tell anything to, that would just be fun to be around a military brat, we moved a lot and just as soon as I got to being besties with somebody, time to go and move..yes, I did have best friends, but I wish I had had friends that I knew since 1st grade like how my daughter does-the friendships are lifelong that way...with the exception of 12th grade, being the new kid, it was MEAN GIRLS Part II in NY so I always say that my high school and beyond BFF (or call it celebrity crush if you must) is Dana Owens-she's eclectic, talented, does her own thing, is such a positive presence and role model and it doesn't hurt that she's beautiful too..Ya'll know her though as QUEEN LATIFAH!
have fun hopping along and thanks again for the visit !!!  Don't forget to check out all the details at the Candy Shoppe MEME and I look forward to reading all about you!

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  1. These MEME's are great! Celebrity Crush ... hmmmm... Angelina Jolie! I love her commitment to what she believes in, no matter what. The difference she is making in the world not only with money, but with time, love and personal involvement. I love her kick$@# movies and I want to be Laura Croft! LOL! Chat at ya later!! Jeannette aka Pink Sugar

  2. The lack of a BFF comment made me wonder if that will be my daughters outlook on life in a few years? I hope she can make and keep friends where ever the Army takes us.

    My celebrity crush is Mark Walhberg! Oh so dreamy and tough!! Oh, and if this counts, Edward Cullen's character! :)

  3. Your answers are wonderful! :D Love getting to know you this way...

  4. ooooh! loved reading this! i've always loved her too...and boy was i jealous that she got to kiss common in that one movie...ha ha! well, i'm on to the next dt gal...loving that i'm learning more about the gals! thanks for sharing!


  5. I really had no idea that you were a military brat until now and that is a good point you made about the BFF comment. I remember being SO popular and always having many, many CLOSE friends. Living in this military lifestyle though and moving as often as we do it's hard to really get to know anybody. You now have me thinking about who my celebrity BFF match would be. LOL

  6. Anonymous11:34 PM EST

    blog hopping and following now.. :))


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