February 7, 2011

Thanks DB! Love you girly!!



With the exception of my first ever Scrapbooking 101 class, I've never had the patience  mental stability LOL to sit through a scrapping/crafty class (probably the reason why I can't sew either)...but I was away with the ladies this weekend and took a TRAY class with Denise.  She must've taught about 8 fantastic flower techniques but I just couldn't do it; personally I struggle with flowers too despite the fact that I have a girl child.  I think 2010 is the first year I started using premade flowers, I personally will always prefer hand cutting  so...but anyway, these cool trays are a must have, you can get them at your Hobby Lobby/ Michaels; the super cool blck/white paper is already glued on for ya !   I think these would be great teacher/grandparent/bff gifts...you can mix the b/w with yellow or pink or teal or red or green or as DB did-POP it with some PURPLE....  you can glue magnets to the back and magnet your pictures to the front as a memo board or do what we did and use cool matching clips and swirly paperclips, that way, you can swap out your pics for the month :) quite easily. Totally loved this and may make 3-4 more this week to use up some stash.

 SUPPLIES:  Tray (Michaels), note paper (Michaels), clips and magnets (Michaels)
cool flower stamp is Stampin Up! (I so want that stamp; somebody tell me which one it is so I can order it)...Pin (Etsy), I got the butterfly chipboard from a free pile and the "b" is American Crafts Thickers.

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