{UN} Well Wednesday...

By kate blue - Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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 kids haven't had a full day of school since last Thursday....so why does the boy child get sick yesterday?  AArrGHHH !  Whatever bug/virus I was "trying" to get has passed on to the boy; same symptoms but we won't get into the disgusting details....on a day when I have TONS of errands and the girl has to be picked up for a medical appointment....shit... oh well, what can ya do??!! Make do and make lemonade...and get some Chlorox Everday Surface spray!

Since I'm still in  the lifting/counterfeit mode, today's post is a lift from Tracie's blog, just daily ramblings & thoughts:

listening - to Ricky Martin's new CD-Musica+Alma+Sexo (love that it is todo en espanol :)
eating -   one biscuit with sausage gravy
drinking - hot Cranberry tea
wearing - old navy jeans and a purple & black top
feeling -   on the mend after the bug
weather - sunny but freezing (temps in the teens) -glad the snow has melted!
wanting - a massage
needing - a massage
thinking - about what a blessing it is to have our Thing 2 healthy and happy
enjoying - brunch storytime with the sickie Thing 2-learning about telling time (multitasking)
wondering - how my scrapping friend Kim M. is-her 7 YO son Ryan passed away this week from that awful thing called leukemia-we've been pen pals/scrapping friends for 3 yrs now and I really thought he'd have a good outcome but, it was not to be & he passed away on Sunday night.
my heart is breaking for her...

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  1. So sorry to hear of your friend's loss, so sad...cancer is a tough fight. Many prayers, love & hugs to you & your friend to endure during this emotional time.


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