a card...no, make that two!!

By kate blue - Sunday, March 20, 2011

I know, can you believe I made not one, but two cards this weekend??  It was Demo Day at Photo Scraps and so I went to support this crafting, creative, totally awesome diva !  Ya'll may know her as Mandy Kay from heyheymandykay  (IF you've NEVER been over to her website, smack yourself!), Paper Issues, the Story Matters AND you've probably seen her fantastic creations in Page Maps 2 and  Scrapbook Trends (yeah, I'm trying to make her blush- REAL HARD-she's quiet & shy and is probably gonna kick my butt the next time she sees me :):) for posting all this stuff :):) but I just had to on this 1st day of Spring!!!

but I can't show the card she helped me make since I'm gonna send it to someone who reads my blog :) ...it was similar to this one and just know it was super cute even though mine wasn't as good as hers !
Then, I went over to Laura's and Gina's tables...again, more super cute creations and I'll post about that tomorrow since I don't have my pictures ready.. I just wanted to get a post out since it's a quiet Sunday and I'm in the studio getting stuff ready for my post his Wednesday over at Twisted Sketches.

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  1. MK...shy? lol. looks like a good time.

  2. What are you trying to say, Kim??!?!?!
    I stole your pics! It was so nice to see you, yesterday!! :)
    P.S. and YES I probably will kick you when we meet again =P


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