TGIF...what's on your scraptable?

By kate blue - Friday, August 05, 2011

you don't wanna see mine...I'm cleaning this dreary studio since I have company coming over at the end of the month...and it's gonna take me that long to get it in shape....but if your mojo is gone, perhaps you should head over to my Friday crafters blog for inspiration.  

This Friday...a surprise!  A guy that dabbles in mixed/visual media and who is quite awesome at it too!   Put your hands together for west coaster artist with the mostest (after my guy Joe) -it's BRIAN ya'll!! 

Again, I came upon his blog accidentally, probably by way of some T!m lover and he truly does justice to the altered journals...I love all the soft visuals, layers and mustard & earthy brown inks/tones that he uses...
 Also, go check out his blog, leave some Royal L-O-V-E and especially check out his rolodex {july 28, 2011} project; you'll be wanting to do one yourself!!  Happy Friday everybody and happy crafting! 

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  1. OO I really love his work- thanks for the heads up! My scrap table is beyond awful right now- everything is on it- my last 10 orders, all my studio calico kits and all my vacation crap that I wan to try to incorporate into a page- it's so awful I hayven't gotten any work done. ;( I'm hope the scrap fair will come and TING! it all into neat cubbies for me to flit through tomorrow morning. It's gonna be a looong wait.


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