It's a Terrific Tuesday and a scraplift...

By kate blue - Tuesday, September 06, 2011

ya'll already know that Felicitas Klink, my inernational diva from Germany, is one of my all-time favorite scrappers and it was by luck that I chanced upon this blog who loves her as much as I do!  It's called *Scrap-it-Lift-it* and even though I couldn't translate it into English, the L-O-V-E  for her was universal and I grasped that Felicitas is their "SEPTEMBER INSPIRATION"; kinda like their version of a "scrapJacked" I decided to play and for the life of me, I still can't figure out how she does it!
So here's her layout:

and rather than dig out (cause I'm so darn lazy) my multi -media pens and crayons out, I just used scrapbook supplies to lift:
I couldn't leave all the white space; bad habit plus I still wanna use stash more than anything in the world. :)  thanks for allowing me to share and have a terrific Tuesday!  If you wanna get inspired and play with them, hop here and look at their takes on the same layout as well !

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  1. Love it! You gave it that misted look, and I love the pops of blue behind the pic. I also must say that flower is just so delicious :) Great layout!

  2. love, love, love it.

  3. ....oh..a wonderful lift....i love it....

    We are so happy to have your lift....many thanks....


  4. Ha! I read your reasoning for creating your lift the way you did and COMPLETELY understood! I try to go for the minimal look - I really do! But I always want to add just one more thing!!!! Love your lift, BTW!

  5. great lift, lovely colors. i'm with you....i like to fake it! all those multi media products sometimes make my head spin. hee hee

  6. Love the layout and I know you aren't "darn lazy" just clever! Enjoy the game!

  7. oooooh, so so wonderful, your layout!!!! love the color and allt he stuff you "fill the space" ;)

    thanks for participating and lifing nad last but definitely your super kind words....I really appreciate it.

    with a huuuuuge hug


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