Thankful THursday (photo heavy)

By kate blue - Thursday, October 13, 2011

I know, my posts have been sporadic, but can you believe we are in mid-October already?? Where has this month, let alone year gone?? I've been a busy momma with Thing 1 and Thing 2 having alternate schedules...then we had the "sickness" go around (whew, thanking god for the FIRST time ever, I stayed GERM -FREE!  Let me knockon wood right now! Cause when I say "sickness",  I do mean all 3 Things sick with every symptom including vomiting imaginable ) and so, it's been crazy mad in here....but last weekend, everyone was well and we got those Indian summer kinda days...We took full advantage!  This year, we did a different pumpkin patch/fall festival (instead of my favorite Sharps Farm) so for THANKFUL THURSDAY, here's some pics from Homestead G:  **Outtakes since some of the better shots I need for some upcoming GDT projects!

 I didn't like that it was super crowded AND no open fields to get great scrapping nature shots-no acres of pumpkins like out in western Maryland ....probably didn't matter much since Things 1 & 2 didn't want to stop for mom's photography (translation=take 1 million shots) anyway!

Most folks who know me know I DO NOT "do "scary or spooky things but I was pleasantly surprised that I loved all of their marketplace was very whimsical and not spooky:

so, after a wonderful dinner and drive, kiddos came home and got ready for the school week and went to bed early :):)   (we tired them out) was a sunny, wonderful, uninterrupted (from phone calls) kind of day that was so much to be thankful for.......a day unplugged....

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