November 22, 2011

It's Super Tuesday and...

I'm cooling my brine for my turkey...I decided to go against my norm and am gonna make a small turkey after all...all veggies are prepped for delivery tomorrow to a family and after I cook my cranberry sauce and potatoes ( I do them early too so flavors can blend) so it's a pretty low key day on Thursday.  Thank goodness our kids had school this week so that gave me the push to get out,  run errands so that this afternoon I get to relax and play with some crafty stuff....

One of the questions on the Scraps of Color forums was "Have you outgrown your crafty space?" and I always say yes!  I called myself cleaning it this week so based on the pics below, you tell me if it's clean or not!  I think one of my winter 2012 goals is to make it more cohesive colorwise ...AND if I'm lucky, I'll get the money to go down to VA where my dad lives with my husbands truck and nab a great piece of furniture to upcycle from a mom & pop shop that he found down's like this raggedy house full of old furniture (think like Sanford & Son  junky   aaah choo!) but the pieces are vintage and begging for some TLC!  My sister upcycled this bad-ass dresser in black with new knobs and I wish I woulda had my camera to show it...So anyway, without further ado, here's my space:
desk top-basket for my Zutter

desk last week-it's not this clean today though
long work table for kids and my sewing machine
messy lounge and tv area/ and Queen Kat's work table

album, mag and paper storage and knick knack area (I'm packing for a crop)

other end of side cabinet
as I said, I used a stereo/electronics cabinet to hold all my paper and other goods.  Baskets hold ( top to bottom):  1. misc kid craft stuff  2. ribbon, lace, and trims, 3. glitter  (I have a lot) and 4. rubber stamps....bottom black boxes hold more ribbons and chipboard letters...2 brown boxes hold punches... The other side of the cabinet holds my magazines and layouts (I know, I should be putting them in albums but I'm behind!  If things don't fit in these, it's time to get rid of stuff!    What's your space look like?  Send me a link!!


Charity said...

Love the paint color. It seems to have a calming affect on me right now ;)
My craft studio seems to have spilled up the stairs to my bedroom for the moment. I decided to work on my December Daily on my bed while watching a movie with one of the kids. Guess I should take everything back downstairs, huh?!

Felicitas Klink said...

wow, love that place! so warm and chaotic ;) hugs Felicitas

Scrapbook Joe said...

Miss kate i love your space! Its looks very cozy. I just updated my photos of my mini scrap studio last week!

Happy scrapping

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