I've been a slacker I know....

By kate blue - Monday, November 14, 2011

and I feel so bad about it but the last 3 weeks have been super crazy with family issues and family visiting and when that happens, I usually don't get any computer time!  I don't even get to squeeze in any craft time either!  So, today is not a free day to craft either since I'm in between doctor and therapist appointments with Thing 2...but just thought I'd let ya'll know I'm still blogging and still getting my mojo back!  I will be working on some projects late tonight and do have some reveals for Twisted Sketches and for the Scrapbook Circle but you'll have to wait till later in the week for those!

For now, I leave you with some shots of my cool RED paper bag album....as you remember, in October, I  was one of the Guest Designers on the Little Yellow Bicycle "Head of the Class" Cycling Team and after I did 2 layouts for their blog, I still had leftover product so I continued to make more goodies for myself.  Years ago, my friend Denise B taught me how to make a paper bag album and ya'll already know I am "class challenged" and of course, couldn't remember how to do it once I was by myself....  I watched a youtube video but again,  I really need a hands on one-on-one tutorial...BUT, I tried ! and shall perfect it with the next one.  My local Target sells paper lunch bags in the brown, plus red, white and blue all the time so I thought the red just brought out all the colors of the Head of the Class collection.  So, once I print out the pictures, this one is for Thing 2 (the boy child):

97% of the supplies (( exceptions are: AC Thickers and I think some school stickers from Reminisce) are from Little Yellow Bicycle...so, will be back blogging on the regular this week!  Have a HAPPY MONDAY and hope it's filled with great stuff!

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