By kate blue - Friday, December 30, 2011

this month's Scrapbook Trends is off the chain!  Well, actually, every issue is off the chain, I just wanted to say that!  I got no further than the cover-in fact, I bought just based on this fabulous layout by the super talented Kelly Purkey:  And if you can believe it, I have never been to her blog; I've always loved her work in SBT but just kept forgetting to go to her blog...damn, what have I been missing???  I popped over there for 2 mins tonite and was like OMG!  Girl is SUPA DUPA talented; she's SUPER BASS !!  Will have to go lurk , oops, troll, oops, stalk.... leave love when I get back home :)

Anyway, I decided to whip out my October Afternoon Santa Sack AGAIN and "scraplift" her "We Smile A Lot Together" layout....90% supplies OA - that cool Noel tag which came from Michaels-I think it was supposed to be a gift tag but I used it as a scrapbook embelly !
look at the super cute deer closeup that I just had to handcut...added some German glitter glass, date stamped and some aqua necklace beads from my old jewelry making days......remember it's a "lift" so I never do anything "exactly" like the original-could never happen anyway since I never measure, PLUS, any original is el numero uno but the concept is still there...sorta kinda.....

Thanks Kelly for inspiring me just from looking @ the cover !!

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