December 13, 2011

Terrific Tuesday! WHERE HAVE I BEEN???

I know, I've been MIA....crazy busy schedule and not squeezing in enough crafting for sure (I went to a crop the other day and jsut had no mojo...2 layouts and 4 half layouts-what's up with that??? :(:('s been all about the life/ kids/ mom wife/ schedule and just trying to slowly get things finalized for Christmas....will be getting the tree tonight (I know, we're awfully late-we decided to try a live tree this year-hope kids allergies can handle it))  and then "hopefully Things 1 & 2 will cooperate for my photo shoot this afternoon too...HOPEFULLY.....

Sneaks of my upcoming Twisted Sketch...this time I did not plan on missing the DT deadline!! 
can you guess the "TWIST?"

have more items to photograph and post today....slowly....see ya again soon!

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