you ever have those days?

By kate blue - Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When it all sucks??  Well, I musta been having one of those days...just felt off kilter, weirded out, unfocused...ran errands and went over budget, had a migraine and went anyway, almost wrecked my darn car (long story -totally my fault for not paying attention-thank god no one else was involved but me and my stooopid self AND thank god that I didn't wreck it)...but yeah, where was I ?? Oh the 15 yrs that I have been around this place (6420), I don't think I've EVER burned dinner (maybe once)...well, welcome to this week!

BLACK...BURNED BEYOND RECOGNITION.....I turned away from the grill (folks that know my grill know I have a high powered Brinkman-it will burn your food really fast even if only 2 burners are lit)  for a minute and VOILA, the chicken if you can tell it's chicken, caught on fire!  Needless to say, I really couldn't even muster up the energy to start dinner over again so I dug into the emergency funds and Dave came to the rescue!
My daughter thought it was pretty funny and my husband had no idea what to think; he didn't say a word...could be worse right???  Had to make lemons outta lemonade....

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  1. Oh I know those days! Like the time I fell asleep while boiling eggs. The water had boiled to nothing. I panicked and ran the pot under cold water. Then the eggs exploded all over my kitchen. smh


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