Sunday multitasking...

By kate blue - Sunday, January 15, 2012

but first, BIG CONGRATS to my Baltimore Ravens for the win today!!  Whoop Whoop!!  Felt good to stay home and just relax and watch the game in my pjs!

But on to what I'm working on this week...I joined up over at CSI: Color Stories, Inspiration to challenge myself in 2012.   Debbi Tehrani and Keandra and the rest of the talented team are gonna FORCE me to do "color" challenges; something I totally totally totally stink at...I do not like pastels and so let's just say it is gonna be a challenge.   The rest of the challenge parts I can try, but color is a stumper.  BUT, that being said, I did hop on Challenge # 1 and I hope you'll join their ning site and share with me some of your creations....I won't post their stuff but a glimpse of SOME of what the first challenge involved:

and here's my take:

I got to help this special chick celebrate her birthday this week!

She is an amazing gift in my life and I so wish I could see her more often...maybe I should make that one of my 2012 resolutions??  Coffee with Anna once a month!  Let's see what she says :):):)  HAPPY SUNDAY !

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