Thankful Thursday

By kate blue - Thursday, January 05, 2012

It was truly a fizzychotic day (that's for all my Love & Hip Hop fans LOL)....get a call that my son was hurt at school (he fell at recess) but not seriously "but still"- I worry cause he's been really trip prone lately as you can see; doctor's office and grocery store were also chaotic, the daughter sick, girlfriend major drama , other people calling needing some personal stuff, my son's bus broke down (on busy RT 40 of  all places) so I had to go running out  at  the 4:30 height of rush hour to go get him, then the same kid with a bloody was like, bloody hell, do I need to clone myself today???!!  What if I wasn't a stay at home mom??
And then, THIS:

poor guy looks like he messed up shaving or something!
THE has been loose since before Christmas and I knew I was gonna be sad when it came out...I didn't want it to come out at school like last time...So I was happy that it came out after dinner but also sad cause it's gonna change his sweet smile and super sweet gap...he's losing his babyness and I wanted to hold onto it since we missed a whole year of babying him when he was in the hospital.  It was time you just can't get back....But to be THANKFUL, I am THANKFUL that the new teeth are coming in white; the doctors had worried that the residual effects of the 1 year of drugs would've cause permanent teeth damage and I'm happy to say that's not the case!! I  What's up with crying tears over a tooth but I can ssoooo put my kids off on the bus on their first day of school quite happily??? LOL

And then, just when you wanna scream, we see this-We got to see this together tonite-just the two of us:
{sigh}....this made the day totally worthwhile.  I only had my pocket camera so it's not the best photo but the oranges and purples and pinks were spectacular...It reminded me that at times I just gotta step back, breathe deeply and appreciate the wonder of God's many blessings!!!

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