July 5, 2012

Hope all my USA peeps had a great 4th!

OMG...it was  a crazy week with that storm last weekend that left almost a million without power!  I got a few messages asking how we at 6420 were fairing and thank god, the power lines where I live are buried (that's a whole nother rant of mine, trust me) and so we had power throughout the whole time!  So, our fireworks went on as scheduled and we were meeting friends so we had to go grab a spot around 5:30ish...packed icy drinks and a backpack of stuff to do:
I really wasn't sure how Thing 2 was gonna last for HOURS in the heat, we did walk around but the stuff was extremely CHEESY and SO WAS THE FOOD (IT WAS AWFUL) and definitely not worthwhile but he hung tough and time kinda went pretty quickly  especially if you are laughing and talking...we accidentally picked a spot along a wooded path and it was about 15 degrees cooler than out in the open...by the time folks got there at 8pm, it was jam packed except where we were in the little path!  So, we had a great day with friends, fireworks (I couldn't get good pics due to the crappy camera but I did get great video with my phone) and:

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