July 13, 2012

It's my birthday! Well, it's OUR birthday!

I'm a twin remember??!  So HAPPY & LUCKY 47th Birthday to my twin sis!  She probably is NOT gonna party like I am!  We are fraternal and I am the social one so fill in the _______as to how I'mma party like it's 1999! Just know it shall involve some Patron and limes!

Here's some retro pics for you to laugh at!
she's the big head on the right :)  


and just think, if my mom had gone into labor at night instead of the am, we would've had different birthdays since she was born at 11:54ish (or so) and I was born about 15 minutes later LOL...strange but coulda happened!


Tamika said...

Oh that is soo sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I know you are going to party like it's your party, drink Patron like it's your birthday and you dont give a (oops, you know the rest!!!) Enjoy your day!! As long as I have been following you I don't know how I missed that you are a twin. Birthday shout outs to your sister too.

Krafthead said...

Happy birthday to y'all! Love the projects...enjoy your day!

Papercrafting Princess said...

Wishing you a birthday filled with Happy Memories to scrapbook Queen!

~EssenseVibez~ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!---we are one week apart with our bdays---i pray you had a great day---may you feel jesus near everyday of the year---have the best year you ever had!!!!!!---love you gurl!!!

tsrel said...

Ok, now we need all the details of the 1999 party, lol. Happy late birthday.

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