July 13, 2012

It's a triple F day!!

Get your minds out of the gutter...I'm talking Friday Fabulous Feature sillies!!! I saw this crafters' work over at the Platinum Scraps blog,  and although I can't make a card to save my life, (be quiet, Natalie) I do love looking and admiring the work of those that can....
I mean, for real, feast your eyes on this beauty:
 gorgeous right??
  and how about THIS:
I love the fact that he says that he has a particular style (shabby), but I just see fabulosity whether it is shabby chic, eclectic, romantic...he has all kinds of style if you ask me...I like that he thinks that you aren't limited to red & pink for Valentines Day (yes, I went WWAAYYY back in his blog posts) and I adore his mini treat boxes! He can do all the things I wish I could do like stamping, painting and embossing!  So without further ado, I give mad props on this sweet Friday the 13th (MY BIRTHDAY) by kicking it off & introducing you to Terrance, aka Trell who you may know from My Creative Time or, from his personal blog, Polka Dots, Paint & Cake Batter!!! 

Terrance allowed the Queen to ask nosy questions interview him for the blog!   He's been crafting since 2010...no typos..only 2010!  He was working at JoAnn's, learned to use a Cricut and the rest was "his-story" LOL...He's obviously been hiding his talent.  Can you imagine what would happen if he scrapped layouts??? (he doesn't) but OMG, he'd surely be published !
Q:  What inspires you to create? Do you work with others or alone?" 
 A:   I am a big believer in inspiration presenting itself in many forms. I love color, it can be a great starting point for a project. Like man others. I love pattern. I think that is the reason why we hoard some of our favorite papers. Florals are near and dear to my heart. And, I'm a sucker for damask.

Now, when I create for My Creative Time, I let the stamps be my inspiration. If one looks around my blog for a while, I think they'll find that I have a bit of a vintage/shabby style of personal cardmaking. However, I try to go outside of my box and do my best to make the stamps shine when I design with Emma's stamps.  
I pretty much work solo, but I get great feedback from close friends.

Q:   What are your 3 favorite crafting supplies?
A:    Since I started, I've evolved into a stamper mainly, so I gotta have my stamps, ink, and good cardstock. But it's very seldom that I make a card without the use of my dies and Cuttlebug. Also, anyone that knows me knows that I love ribbon and tying bows. It's one of the things I get the most comments on. I'm admittedly addicted to ribbon - preferably grosgrain or saddle stitch!

I won't reveal much more, go hang out at his blog and at My Creative Time...tell em Queen Kat sentchya and leave him some royal L-O-V-E  :):):) 
Thank you Terrance for being part of my ROYAL celebration; what better thing to do on my birthday than to share gifts with friends ???


Papercrafting Princess said...

How cool is that! Great interview and Yes his work is AWESOME!!

Natalie said...

Kat, all I can say is that your cardmaking shows some improvement.lol
That all I have to say.

Natalie said...

Kat, please let me know if you want me to post one of the beautiful cards that you have made for me. All I know is that they were made with LOVE.

tsrel said...

Trell is super duper amazing.

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