August 10, 2012

TGIF? Whats shakin'???

Happy Friday!  I know , I know, I've been incognito...have had to play wife and mommy for the summer vacay and boy are those jobs time consuming hehehehee!  No projects to share since I've taken an August hiatus from adult crafting (but not from kids crafts or from acquiring scrap goodies lol)...this is what we did today: the boy & I went on a date....
(and somebody tell all the Hollywood celebs that we regular real life divas post makeup free pics all the time! I was sweating like a mug today, the humidity here must've been about 100,000%,  I can't even flat  iron my hair here or wear makeup-I'd look straight up crazy in 10 minutes)

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Sarale said...

Hi Kate!

Thank you so much for your message! I´m not so good in English, so excuse me please.
I can´t completely smooth the metal, but I lay it between the sandwich from the big shot. But the tin-metal is very thin. So after the cutting, you can form it with your hands.



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