September 20, 2012

I'm bad, somebody help me!***SEMI CORRECTED

A few months ago, the lovely folks over at Creating Keepsakes gifted me this lovely special edition magazine:  and I read it cover to cover more than once, bookmarked stuff I liked and even jumped in on their inspiration challenge and scraplifted one of the layouts in the back...Had every intention of doing the post , yada yada yada...Loaned the book out to the bff...Then, when cleaning up my hard drive, came across the layout ...So, am just showing MY GUYS and yes, it's a scraplift of whoever did the super cute layout (15 minutes or less layout?) on the last page of the book...If somebody has the book and can give me the info to credit the creator, I'd be most grateful so I can fix this post..  CORRECTION**
I found out who it was...the fabulous 15 minute layout diva was done by the fab Mandie Pierce (her super cute layout called My Tender Heart:). I don't have a picture of it but will track one down soon :0

again, my fascination with the Studio Calico wood stars  :):):):):):):):)


Ebony van der Starre said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for leaving a comment over at my blog! I'm loving looking around yours as well. x

WillieburgScrapper said...

That is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Pinning right the very now! The green circles against the b/w stripes- LOOOOVE!!

Jojorenee said...

Super cute layout! That always happens to me. I usually write a sticky note and stick it on the layout because I file away the magazine, you know I find the sticky note way across the room or under other stuff way after I've given up and just post. That's why I do my description on lift of blank blank from ck magazine when I find my notes I'll let you know LOL!

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