September 28, 2012

It's a Fab Friday-horn tooting!!

Let's make some noise and toot your horns for this girl of mine- yup..Thing1 who has won the honors of representing the LRHS Sophomore class during tomorrow's HOMECOMING parade and game and dance!  She is my "princess" although they call it something different for the 10th graders, but don't ask me she gets to wear the sash and practice her Miss America wave tomorrow morning in the parade, gets to be in the paper, and has to force us to run around taking her picture all day (it's what I do) ....did I say that Thing 2 has stuff to do in Baltimore too so needless to say, I will be running around like a crazy person tomorrow without help...
We are so happy that her peers thought enough of her to vote for her!  And of course, she doesn't really cooperate with photo shoots like the boy does-I warned her that I would post the poses she gave me!  Today was Spirit Day and she had to wear silver so hence all the silver jewelry and eyeshadow and #23 face paint since that's her volleyball #.............until tomorrow!

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