September 26, 2012

It's humpday Wednesday....

and I'm TRYING to see something wonderful about it  despite the fact that today was our last day of speech therapy for Thing 2-at least according to Blue Cross Blue Shield and their "idiotic" rules (they cut off our OT in July)...BUT, just know I am gonna make lemonade outta their lemons; they ain't gonna know what hit em on the appeals process...I am putting on my WonderWoman costume and am gonna kick major ass on paper....I mean, What health plan terminates therapy based on age??
  • Drinking: Wine.  Steeple Chase.  The owner & founder of my favorite Maryland wine, Linganore WineCellars passed away today..a toast....
  • Eating:  Roast and mashed potatoes with gravy and some cornbread
  • Thinking: I refuse to allow Blue Cross to have the only say in my child's health care !!
  • Wanting: Truth? To punch Blue Cross policy holders in the throat. Ooops...did I say that outloud???
  • Needing: God's blessings and a lot of prayer despite the above statement
  • Listening: Bee Gees greatest hits, both CDs...don't hate!
  • Learning: Take some prisoners
  • Praying: That my hand and pen will be guided to write all the right things and convey to the simpletons at Blue Cross that we NEED speech and OT therapies...not WANT them; although to me they are one and the same.  Let's hope that whoever gets our case will have common sense and mercy and that we will get what we ask for in 2013....
  • Feeling: Stressed.

1 comment:

Natalie said...

I am with you Kat. These insurance companies are a trip but most people don't bother to fight them. I'm with you, get your pen and paper and kick butt.

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