CKCB Challenge #3

By kate blue - Monday, July 22, 2013

I took the advice of someone and decided to bring my scrapbooking upstairs to multitask and see if I could actually get some layouts done!  I made my list of stuff I wanted to accomplish, gathered up my July CKCB kit, basic supplies and washi, and gave it a whirl...once dinner got in the oven, I turned on my Property Brothers marathon and got busy!
Challenge #3 over at CKCB was simple:  "...dream about the perfect place to be.  Use that place to inspire your next project.  You can do an actual layout about that place or simply use the feel of it for inspiration."

One of my favorite places is JAMAICA- friendly, honest, hardworking people on Caribbean  time, good food & drink, and man, that ocean was so clean and gorgeous!!  The resort we stayed on was small & charming and part of the beach was for guests only so, many days, it was just me, my ipod and a book (don't ask me why 97% of the guests were in the pool-weird to me cause I can swim in any pool here at home-but then again, my family and the nanny were in the pool with 'em-worked for me!)  Can you say PEACE & QUIET??

I came away more refreshed and rejuvenated than any other place I've been so far....
so that's my HAPPY PLACE....where's YOURS??  :):):)

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  1. I really do adore your pages :~)
    Beautiful place, and the description in your blogpost should go on the back of this layout - very well said!
    Every detail is impeccably chosen & placed, and your colors reflect the sun & aqua waters of your paradise.

  2. Such a beautiful page :)

  3. Wow wow wow! This is gorgeous! I loveeeeeeeeeee the photos and the colors!!!!!!

  4. Such a beautiful description for such a lovely layout - you should do a travel commercial! Makes me want to jump right in! I agree about the pool vs. the beach. Go local!!!

  5. I love your layout. It looks so peaceful!

  6. Love the page! The kraft paper is a perfect backdrop for those gorgeous photos. I hope to make it to Jamaica sometime, it looks wonderful


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