Terrific Tuesday-weekend roundup !

By kate blue - Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It was a busy birthday weekend!  Despite the technology we have around us, I always will love turning a "paper" book.  Surprised my twin sister and took a birthday day trip to the charming little town of Boonsboro to a fantastic place called Turn the Page BookStore which is owned by the super talented Ms. Nora Roberts, an author that I have read when she writes as both Nora Roberts and also as her alter J.D. Robb (since the first Robb book, Naked in Death!)

The book signing was so organized! Meeting Ms. Roberts was so much fun!  We didn't get to go into the Inn Boonsboro  (for those who know the Boonsboro trilogy) cause there were guests there, but we did get to sit on the porch (with my signed book posterboard that I won -woop woop!) and we did get to eat at Vesta's (another Boonsboro trilogy reference):

 More birthday posts later and the RAK winner is coming up!

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