Loving this lady-LOTD CKCB # 5

By kate blue - Friday, August 02, 2013

Friday layout of the day features my best friend's aunt....but there's no way she's old enough to be my aunt (I know, both my bffs are way younger than me lol)-I just think of her as an older sis :)  ....and, she shares my love for the men who wear Purple and Black so that makes it even better!!!  GO RAVENS!
We were partying like it was 1999 :):)  Well, I was partying and she was hosting the event!

and that cool ME card?-I thought I was packing playing cards for the kids to use and when I opened them, they were these weird unmarked cards that had words on them.  Rather than toss em, (they've been in that bag for 2 years unopened) I just decided to use them for scrapbooking!  The "I really like you" is a free printable from Kimberly Kalil over at This Kalil Life-she's got some cute stuff and they are FREEEEEE!!!
The rest of the bits and pieces are from my July Counterfeit Kit and my travel embellishment add ons-yep, I'm still using it!  may get 2 more layouts done tonight before the Aug kit is revealed :)

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  1. i love your design, awesome layering!

  2. Gorgeous! LOVING the colors and that butterfly!!!

  3. Fabulous layouts, love the layering.

  4. Love the yellow :)
    PS sorry I'm logged into my sons account. haha


  5. love your page, the design is awesome! have a nice weekend! :)

  6. wow this layout is amazing and what a cute photo..


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