Week(s) Roundup-How you been???!!

By kate blue - Monday, October 14, 2013

OMG...has it been almost 2 weeks?? I have been MIA {again} since I was on a road trip down to my dad's house for his birthday....77 years young!  Me & My sisters celebrated with presents and he took US out for dinner :)

It's important to get in the pictures-I keep trying to tell my dad that but sometimes he refuses to pretend that I am his paparazzi :) and we get this picture instead:  (I told him I would scrapbook him even if doesn't cooperate :)

 it's always a road trip where there is not much crafting or blogging to be allowed.  Things need to be done and so there is not much real down time-well there is, but as soon as I try to craft, folks start bothering me and needing stuff so my projects end up unfinished OR looking like crap. I tried though:
 had packed my October CKCB(Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog) and cranked out two layouts.....I don't do Project Life cause I am way too boring BUT I do love the cards and so I challenged myself to start using them on regular layouts :)
I am on a mission to get back the mojo and use up more of the October kit.  I wasn't really feeling this month's kit and so I am struggling with it...it may go into the recycle kit pile.  MAY....we'll see what happens this week.

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  1. Great layouts Kat! I don't do PL either but I love those little 3x4 cards. Hope you had a great visit with your Father. Sometimes you just have to snap those pictures, even if they run from you! LOL

  2. I hassle my family all the time to get photos - my sister was really cross with me in the summer! ha ha! Great layouts and your use of the cards are great -. need to do more of that myself. I have to admit to loving my kit this month - 7 layouts so far that I LOVE but ssshhhh.... don#t tell anyone but my september kit is still sitting untouched!

  3. Don't you just love having virtual scrappy friends, that irl would not interfere with your creativity? lol
    Nice that you could all be there together, and sometimes you have to make some memories to have more material to scrap! PS - you look to young to have a dad his age!

  4. These are both lovely layouts, despite the distractions. You are doing a great job with the PL cards.


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