Purple Sunday!

By kate blue - Sunday, November 17, 2013

my blog goes purple for WORLD PREMATURITY DAY!
it is not only a time to help raise awareness but also a time for reflection...so here we go-my reflection on having a 1 lb 8 oz  baby boy who was born at 25 weeks...having a preemie is more than just having a "small in size baby"-this kid was extremely sick and almost critical many times for his first 2 years of life; he stayed in the NICU for 8 LONG EXCRUCIATING MONTHS! Ana you imagine not holding your newborn child until age 3 months???
His path to wellness is a miracle:)
our view of him for 4 months 

one year old (still on oxygen though but I took it off for a bit)
2006...feeding tube gone FINALLY, swallow studies a thing of the past-the boy learns to eat real food slowly and this month, he eats waffles and apples! This is the first month that he drinks by mouth EVER....and boy does he drink and drink and drink....loves sippy cups and water bottles!!!  (May 2006)
may 2007
may 2008
may 2009

june 2010 rocking the high mohawk
may 2011

may 2012
may 2013
nine years, nine surgeries, medical issues from the top of his head to the tips of his toes but  thanks to the dedicated and talented folks at Johns Hopkins, this kid is the bionic man!  With the dedication of Early Intervention teams, Special Educators, tons of therapists for speech, OT and PT, this kid is continuing to raise his own bar and is now in  his home school in a mainstream class (with supports) and is prospering!  Are all of his issues related to prematurity gone?  No...but it's been one day at a time, one baby step forward each day....

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  1. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing the pictures and your story. I never really thought about the fact that a premature baby isn't just really small until my son became friends with a boy who was born 1 lb 2 oz. He is now 8 and thriving. His path sounds so similar to that of your son.

  2. He is ONE AMAZING boy!!!!!! LOVING the photos!!!!


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