2014 OLW-One Little Word chosen!

By kate blue - Monday, January 13, 2014

    According to the divas over at Scrap Challenge YOUrself, One Little Word (OLW) was created by Ali Edwards and is defined as a word that you invite into your life and let it speak to YOU. You focus on and reflect upon this word as you go about your daily life. I last picked out the word 'identify' wwaaayyy back in 2011 but I see I wasn't good on that one; I still allowed myself to be lost in everyone else's needs and their definition of ME....But, it's 2014, new year, new things (I hope)  so I'm gonna jump in on Challenge # 2 at Scrap Challenge YOUrself and  try OLW again... 

am inspired by Rob Thomas' song- Little Wonders....Thought and thought and came up with "CLARITY."

clar·i·ty * NOUN

1.   clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.
2.   the state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye; pellucidity: the clarity of pure water.
*Little Wonders sung by Rob Thomas-my personal photo **
As a close friend  said to me last year, I multitask WAYYYY too much (my own fault) and by doing that, much of  what I want for myself is being lost in translation, delivery and receipt..... Life gets to be 50 clean shades of grey in a black & white world....   2014 I'm challenging myself to have more CLARITY as to who I AM (not the daughter, wife, mom, friend-JUST ME (call me MiMi if you like) AND WHAT "I" WANT...adopting the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Silly)... maybe then, my balance and my mojo will return in a major way ...mental CLARITY...CLEAR AS CRYSTAL... not clear as mud....of course, here's my layout!

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  1. Fabulous OLW and loveeeee your lo!!!!

  2. Well done Queen Kat! Wonderful layout!
    So glad you joined in on the fun at Challenge YOUrself! Wishing you all the best with your OLW!
    PS. LOVE Rob Thomas! Seen him twice in concert ;)

  3. I love your post, Kat! The way you picked your OWL is wonderful and I want to thank you for sharing! And your layout is amazing. I love your photo and everything about it. Thank you so much for playing along with us at Challenge YOUrself!

  4. Great word!
    I love the bright colors you use and your awesome design! Magnificent!
    Thank you for playing along with us at Challenge YOUrself <3

  5. Awesome layout and great word! Love how you used super bright background and lot of layers and embellies, that is the perfect frame for your black&white pic.
    Thank you very much for playing along with us at Challenge Yoursefl :)

  6. Your OLW page is so bright and positive! I love your word for 2014 and I think we as mums condition ourselves to put the family first. Good for you that you are doing more for you this year (scrapping is my saving grace!). Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous page with us at Challenge YOUrself. xx

  7. This is just wonderful! I love the brightness of the LO and your word is just fantastic. Thanks for joining us at Challenge Yourself!

  8. what a fabulous word!! I can totally relate...sometimes it feels like I'm just plowing through each day in a blur! Love the arrangement of your layout!

  9. Love your layout and your word. Great photo and your papers are great too. Love what you did with the year numbers. Thanks for joining in at Challenge Yourself!

  10. Wonderful word and layout! Sounds like you have some strong ideas of what changes you'd like to make this year, all the best with taking some time to put yourself front and center!

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