TGIF! It's a Feature Friday!

By kate blue - Friday, January 10, 2014

I've been meaning to showcase this inspiring chick for about 2 months now but time got away from me over the holidays and the next thing ya was pushed to the "pending" area.  BUT, I am finally back in the swing and so today, I feature someone whose blog I came across quite accidentally and I 'm so glad I did!   Please give a  Royal shout out to CHARISSA MILLER (Charissa Miller Designs), you can find her at her awesome blog ( and also inspiring you over  at the  Whimsical Twist blog.    Right now, she's into the smaller pages (8.5 x 11) but that doesn't mean her layouts are any less gorgeous!   Look at the details and all the lovely journaling!
and just look at the details she adds:
I dig that she loves colors, textures and ain't afraid to show it....did I mention she also does a DD? ?  I could post about 50 more layouts and projects (she already knows I am a lover/lurker-I have permission to gush :)), but I'd rather you HOP over to both blogs and leave her some love on what YOU find inspiring ...(You will thank me :) for sending you over .....  Tell her Queen Kat sent ya!  
Happy Friday ya'll...don't forget to squeeze some crafting in this weekend if you can!

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